We will be riding throughout several cities to assure new clients.

Every day we come across 100.000’s of passengers who walk through your cities, within these crowd’s we will find the perfect business goal for your product or services. Thanks to VELOCOM your business visibility will increase.

We will be aiming to patrol the busiest and popular venues to make sure that your advertisement shall be seen by all.

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Your event is our event ! We will pass on your universe to all sorts of people throughout your cities of choice. We are targeting the most popular area’s in different cities and we are heading for a MASSIVE CAMPAIGN.

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We are convinced that VELOCOM is a service that is certainly relevant to your communications throughout the whole country.  For a new product or promotional code so that people have a chance to get a promotion, we are the solution To attract a larger population for your business and to increase your revenue.

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Your objectives are our focus !

Grand openings of new stores
Special offers ( sales – promotions – national holidays)
All sorts of actions ( game competitions – promo code – discovering new products )
Announcing of national or international announcements

The New Mobile Advertising

To expose your advertisement to over



An Eco-responsible Service

Our goal is to give independents, traders, events, and corporations the chance to publish their advertisement in a green and ecological way in the cities of their choice. All of this will occur in an environmentally friendly way.

The Billboard

We shall cruise around the city with a 4m² poster, guaranteeing grandiose visibility to your recto- verso advertisement for all to see.

The Showcase

Expose your products and idea’s through beautiful interior decoration. With the showcase everything is possible. Your products shall be exhibited in an original and innovative way to effectively attract your the right audience. The showcase can also be used as advertising box,4 sides for 4 posters of + or – 2m2 for an ORIGINAL view in 360 °.

An Eco-Responsible Service

No CO2 Emissions

Green And Sustainable Communication

Our Clients

Together, let’s energize your business !

Let’s go where others can’t get you to !

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